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"I needed a structure to optimize my time studying."

"I highly recommend anyone contemplating the ME PE exam consider Dr. Tom's 20 week PE Review Course. I passed the exam on my first try in April 2014 after completing the online-only course over the winter. Dr. Tom's Exam Day Companion was my main (almost exclusive) reference. I only used the Mechanical Engineering Review Manual for its tables and figures. In fact, these were the only two books I opened during the entire exam. I'm sure many candidates have passed without the level of support Dr. Tom provides. Unfortunately, at 20 years out of school, I needed a structure to optimize my time studying. Dr. Tom's course provided all that and more."

Jim Haddock, PE, B&V, Overland Park, Kansas

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This is about passing the exam.

show “I understand in the years you’re out of college, you’re going to loose your proficiency. Let me help you get it back. At least until you have passed the exam. This is not about recovering everything you learned. This is about passing the exam.” Dr. Tom

A plan that can get you there.

show “If you work hard in my class, you will do well and you will be a success and feel good about it. It is not going to happen overnight, but I have a plan that can get you there.”  Dr. Tom

Get back up to speed.

show “What I want to do is to help you get back up to speed on the areas that you need to pass the exam in the nine subjects that you had in college. That's a daunting task I realize. That’s fine. We're going to do them one at a time. Step by step. Just keep moving with Dr. Tom. You will get there”  Dr. Tom

I want to help.

show “The more I've worked with mechanical engineers, the more I want to help them obtain their PE. That really is what I enjoy doing. When folks who have been in the Dr. Tom PE Review Course take the exam and tell me, “Dr. Tom, I passed,” I nearly jump up and down. It's so very, very rewarding!”  Dr. Tom